Kraus GV-200 Galaxy Red and Irruption Red Glass Sink Collection

Red alert! The Kraus GV-200 Galaxy Red and Irruption Red glass sinks collection features two velvety smooth vessel basins that showcase a vibrant blend of crimson reds and rich rouges with subtle black and yellow undertones. The Galaxy Red is deeper and darker in color, and offers more of a ruby tint than the Irruption Red which possesses brighter undertones than its collection counterpart. Donning these exotic fusions of colors, both the Kraus GV-200 Galaxy Red and Irruption Red glass sinks are guaranteed to be a cardinal statement piece in any bathroom decor.


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The sultry rouge hues on the Kraus GV-200 Galaxy Red and Irruption Red glass sinks make for an arresting bathroom showpiece that will leave guests mesmerized. Designers regard red as a loud, passionate color that can convey a multitude of emotions ranging from happy and cheery to upfront and aggressive. Being so, experts strongly advise homeowners to treat red as an accent color, especially in bathroom decor.

Fortunately, Kraus eliminates this potential decorating faux pas by offering professionally packaged sink and faucet combinations that have been verified to be aesthetically and mechanically compatible. Kraus bathroom combo deals pair both the GV-200 Galaxy Red and Irruption Red glass sinks with an elegant contemporary waterfall faucet that draws inspiration from one of nature’s most graceful forces. Kraus’s waterfall faucet features a single-lever handle surrounded by a glass disk that circulates water to flow down to the center of the glass vessel basin. The ultramodern design of the waterfall faucet makes for an ideal stylistic complement to the Kraus GV-200 red glass sinks.

Made of high quality tempered glass, Kraus bathroom sinks are not only strikingly beautiful but exceptionally durable as well. The GV-200 Galaxy Red and Irruption Red glass sinks boast an expert construction that has been test proven to be 3 to 6 times stronger than regular glass products. Kraus implements state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure all their customers reliable and long lasting products.

Available in a either a standard bowl or trendy rectangular shape, the Kraus GV-200 glass sinks collection is a red-hot product line that will be sure to grant your bathroom that extra flare of stylistic confidence.

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