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Emulating the ingenuity of modern art, Kraus bathroom faucets are an awe-inspiring line of innovative fixtures that are guaranteed to revamp your lavatory decor. Kraus bathroom faucets make it possible for every homeowner to update their home from showcasing past trends to exuding posh panache. Similar to the way an abstract sculpture animates a room, the Kraus collection of stainless vessel and waterfall faucets add dimensional depth and lavish texture to the overall appearance of any bathroom. Welded by the elite of home expertise using the highest quality brass and steel, Kraus bathroom faucets are ensured to withstand the wear and tear of time, failing to ever rust or leak. Accessorize your home today with a stainless masterpiece from Kraus.

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Kraus FVS-1007 Ramus Single Lever Vessel Faucet Chrome

US$ 255.00
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US$ 109.95
Kraus FVS-1007 Ramus Single Lever Vessel Faucet Chrome
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Kraus FVS-1007 Ramus Single Lever Vessel Faucet Chrome

US$ 255.00
You Pay:
US$ 109.95
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Elementos 1 a 21 de un total de 78
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The Kraus team’s continuous strive in mastering technique and design manifests in their bathroom faucet creations. Their vessel and waterfall models prove to be visually stimulating architectural works that will inspire your household and guests alike with their artistic forms and metallic shines. Both sturdy and stylish, Kraus bathroom faucets are engineered employing state-of-the-art technology and solutions to safeguard it from experiencing future malfunctions and to assure you long lasting high performance. Kraus bathroom faucets complement any bathroom sink make and structure, enhancing its features while conveying your exquisite taste.

Kraus faucets are most complementary to a glass vessel sink but they can also be used to accent other types of sinks. Constructed from either solid stainless brass or steel, Kraus bathroom faucets are guaranteed to be durable, rust resistant, and high performing. Stainless brass and steel are known for their low maintenance and reliability, making stainless brass and steel products industrial and practical additions to the bathroom.

Furthermore, their vessel and waterfall models are skillfully crafted to include maintenance free ceramic cartridges that will prevent the fixture from leaking in the future even after prolonged use. They also incorporate a single lever design to allow you to externally regulate water and temperature control. Kraus bathroom faucets require only single-hole, above-the-counter mounting, and come with all the necessary hardware and complementary hot/cold waterlines to simplify the installation process.

Not only do Kraus bathroom faucets exhibit quality workmanship and technological zeal, but they also exude aesthetic confidence and abstract allure. Utilizing various geometric shapes as the basis for creative enterprise, Kraus offers a distinct line of vessel bathroom faucets that range in design from elongated rectangular steel structures to fluted bamboo inspired bodies to curved upside down “U” spouts. The most compelling of the innovative selection is the waterfall faucet that implements a glass changeable disk to disperse water to emulate the image of a waterfall surging over a cliff and cascading downwards. This last addition will be sure to transform your personal pampering time into an invigorating rush of serenity.

Kraus bathroom faucets are offered in finishes including chrome, satin nickel, antique brass, and oil rubbed bronze to match any decor theme. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty guaranteeing you eternal product service. Complete your home transformation with a lavish last touch of a Kraus bathroom faucet.

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