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Las duchas y productos de baño Dreamline son internacionalmente reconocidos como uno de los más elegantes y destacados en el mercado. Con una amplia selección de duchas, paneles, cabinas de ducha, fregaderos y lavamanos, los productos Dreamline están garantizados para transformar cada experiencia de baño en una experiencia de lujo en la comodidad de su hogar.


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DreamLine Shower Trays

A shower tray from DreamLine is necessary for ensuring both a leak-free and slip-free shower in the home. On a fundamental level, shower trays are made to prevent water from dripping onto the floor and wall when the shower is in use. This protects the floor and wall surrounding the shower from growing mold and mildew, and from rotting if made of wood. DreamLine shower trays are designed to provide more than just a sealed bottom, additionally featuring integrated tile flanges and textured floor patterns for enhanced durability and foot traction. The collection presents an array of tray shapes for "left" or "right" installation, and even corner mounting depending on the model. Safeguard your shower from leaks and accidents with a Dreamline shower tray.

DreamLine Shower Panels

DreamLine shower panels are each comprehensively designed to dually combine the features of a luxury bath with the benefits of a luxury shower to form one compact and convenient, advanced fixture. DreamLine shower panels boast acrylic, stone, and anodized aluminum bodies with chrome and nickel fixtures for certified durability and lustrous shine. All panel models come with multiple body jets, handheld shower-heads, thermostatic valve control, and individual water control diverters. Some models also come with a central showerhead, integrated tub filler spout, and built-in hooks and shelves for storing toiletries and accessories. DreamLine also manufactures their shower panels to accommodate both corner and back-to-wall mounting for guaranteed hassle-free installation.

DreamLine Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are the latest trend in modern baths, and DreamLine has an evolving collection with the industry's most up-to-date looks. The DreamLine shower enclosure collection is designed with on-the-go individual in mind. Featuring tempered glass construction reinforced with anodized aluminum, DreamLine shower enclosures are guaranteed to provide a sturdy and reliable build that will not crack or break upon impact. They also possess reversible right or left door openings for easy and convenient usability, along with pivotal magnetic door latches. Available in a variety of styles including rounded, rectangular, neo-angle, frameless, and framed, DreamLine shower enclosures are a modern decor must-have.

DreamLine Bathroom Vessel Sinks

DreamLine bathroom vessel sinks are available in either tempered glass or natural stone to accommodate a wide range of decor schemes. Glass vessel sinks are sleek, artistic, and ultramodern. They have proven to be at least three times more durable than regular glass fixtures, allowing homeowners to incorporate the elegant look of glass in the bathroom without having to worry about users leaning against or bumping into the sink. In contrast, DreamLine stone vessel sinks are rich, earthy, and contemporary chic. Stone is extremely hard-wearing and strong, and will last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Both bathroom vessel sink styles can be purchased in the original single tone or in one of the many lovely colors DreamLine offers.

Dreamline Bathroom Vanities

Dreamline specially manufactures their bathroom vanities collection to be diverse and unique, offering an extensive range of material makes and style types. This includes glass, wood, stone, ceramic, single vanities, double vanities, corner vanities, and much more. Bathroom vanities add style, comfort, and storage to the bathroom. They provide excess space in the form of countertops, cabinets, and shelves, and frame the look and design of the rest of the bathroom. Single bathroom vanities are compact and versatile, and are ideal for small or private lavatories as well as powder rooms. Double bathroom vanities offer extensive counter and storage space, allowing you and a partner to get ready at the same time. Dreamline also makes corner vanities for bathrooms that are extremely limited on space. These models nestle nicely into any corner of the room, freeing up space for a less cluttered look. Also available from Dreamline are wrought iron stands that can be paired with iron framed mirrors to take the place of a vanity. At Dreamline, there is a vanity for every bathroom size and style.

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