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Amba presenta a los consumidores Americanos con los productos europeos de calidad que mejoran el estilo y espacios de vida. La serie Sorbet trae un aire de frescura y calidad a cualquier cuarto de baño con su combinación de alta calidad de acero inoxidable y cerámica de colores vibrantes. Esta colección está disponible en superficies cepilladas o pulido. El diseño minimalista de la serie 30/10 cuenta con bordes limpios y líneas rectas. La colección está construida de acero inoxidable y vidrio, y está disponible en las superficies de cepillado o pulido. Las Series Twilight y Series Starlight son las colecciones exclusivas de la gama de productos y cuentan con una combinación única de acero inoxidable y cristales de Swarovski, trayendo un aire de la opulencia y extravagancia a los espacios de baño.



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When it comes to self indulgence, bathroom towel warmers are a choice that is pure bliss. Imagine climbing out of your shower and wrapping a big, fluffy towel around your self that’s been warmed to the perfect temperature by your electric towel warmer. There’s no better feeling in the world than a well deserved pampering. Minimal electricity is used, so you’re not only pampering your self, but your pocketbook and the environment as well. Let Amba give you a blissful bathroom experience with one of their stylish bathroom towel warmers.

There’s nothing like a wall mounted towel warmer to bring a touch of style and relaxation to your bathroom atmosphere. Designed to run continuously for your convenience, they use minimal electricity adding to the appeal. Crafted from strong stainless steel that’s resistant to staining and corrosion brings a level of confidence to the equation as well. Every time you reach for that perfectly warmed towel that you know will bring a measure of unsurpassed well-being, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without your wall mounted towel warmer.

After relaxing in bliss, extend that wonderful time with a spa towel warmer. Imagine stepping out of that warmth into the continued warmth of that big, fluffy towel that’s a perfect temperature. There’s simply nothing better than a spa towel warmer to continue that feeling of enchantment and warmth that’s well deserved. Crafted of the finest stainless steel as well as minimal use of electricity, you know it’s pocketbook and environmentally friendly. Amba is there for your continued comfort and delight.

When it comes to your favorite bath accessory, turn to Amba for the finest in quality material, construction and style. An Amba towel warmer is the ultimate choice in a bathroom accessory in every regard. From the absolute harmony and well-being it exudes to the fact it uses minimal electricity makes the choice easy. Adding to the atmosphere of your bathroom, this is one bath accessory that brings a deeply welcoming feel that lasts for years to come with every use. Let Amba bring a well deserved pampering to your every day life.

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